Consignment Plans:

We offer a couple of different consignment plans:

1 - The "Start 'em Low, Let 'em Ride" Plan

  • Our most popular plan. With this plan, we start all items with very low minimum bids
    and let 'em ride. This is the model we've used for our own items ever since we started
    selling on eBay. It results in lots of bidding activity and brings in overall higher prices
    for your collection. Consignors who choose this option, get a 5% discount off of our
    regular consignment fee (from 40% to 35%). For very large collections, we can go as
    low as a 30% consignment fee.
AACS Consignment Services
Our Consignment Plans
2 - The "Pick Your Price" Plan

  • With this plan, you get to pick your own starting price. This results in fewer sales and
    less bidding activity, but allows you to dictate your selling price. Our consignment fee
    for this plan is 40%. For very large collections, we can go as low as 35%.
Regardless of which plan you choose, you will receive the the highest quality service,

  • Professional quality photos and listings
  • No hidden fees!!! We pay ALL auction-related fees
  • Prompt service. Items are listed within 3 - 7 days of receipt. Consignment checks go
    out approximately one week after the auctions end
  • Itemized invoices detailing each of your consignment items, price, item numbers,
  • Regular updates and communication
  • Contact Us for inquiries